Product Details

Key Features

  • Backs up all your important files — digital photos, videos, downloaded music, financials, and more
  • Works automatically — set it once, then forget it
  • Securely transfers files via the web to our data centers using 128-bit SSL encryption
  • Stores your files away from home, in a safe and secure data center
  • Encrypts your files with 256-bit AES for secure backup
  • Backs up only new files and files that have changed using “block level” backup
  • Provides seamless access to all your backed up files — via any web-connected computer, Android smartphone or iPhone
  • Protects up to 5 computers on a single subscription
  • Works for both Macs and PCs

Key Benefits

  • Ensure all your important data, on all your computers is safe
  • Quickly access, transfer and restore any file, at any time, from anywhere
  • Manage backed up files through a password protected web page
  • Get your backed up files on the go right from your iPhone or Android with free Norton Connect app
  • Quickly share any backed up files, of any size, with anyone by sending downloadable links via email
  • Search for your backed up files using keywords
  • Add more storage space if and when you need it